The French Secret to Longevity and Younger Skin



Ever wonder why many woman in France and men for that fact, seem to stay healthy and younger looking despite a poor diet?  One key reason found in the scientific literature, is the consumption of grape products containing antioxidants.

Perhaps more familiar understanding of the power of these products in preventing illness, is the story of the “French Paradox”. For centuries the French have ingested a diet rich in saturated fats and high in carbohydrate and protein. Research has shown that in other societies where these dietary habits were prevalent, there was a co-prevalence of arteriosclerotic heart disease and stroke. Not so with the French. Why? It appears that the French’s love of red wine and its daily consumption, from infancy, afforded them protection against these dietary indiscretions. Analysis of red wine shows that it contains high levels of flavonoids that are leached out of the grape seed and skin by the fermentation process. These antioxidants were found to work in the same way as has been previously described for the pine bark. (White wines are not allowed to ferment in the presence of the grape seed, so these wines do not contain these antioxidants in significant quantities and do not offer cardio protection against a high fat diet). More recent research has shown red wine to also contain resveratrol and scientists now postulate that it is this combination of flavonoids that give red wine its cardio protective qualities.


A recent study by Evans, M. et al showed that whole grape extract (skins and seeds) favorable effect on the cardiovascular system by showing significantly lower total cholesterol/HDL-C ratios and significantly higher HDL-C levels compared to placebo subjects after 6 weeks. ( Evans, M. et al., A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, pilot study to evaluate the effect of whole grape extract on antioxidant status and lipid profile, Journal of Functional Foods [2014].

“Within a decade antioxidants will be regarded as vitamins are now: necessary for maintaining good health and in preventing disease, and in slowing the ageing process...” –Dr. Philip A. White


What about the Skin?

Connective tissues are present in all cells of the body but are particularly well represented in the skin, blood vessels, joints and muscles. The skin has particularly high compositions of two connective tissue proteins called elastin and collagen. These two proteins give young skin its youthful appearance, elasticity and resiliency to injury. Conversely, it is damage to these two connective tissue proteins that causes skin to become thin, fragile and non- elastic as it ages. Grape seed extract has been found to be especially helpful in protecting connective tissue against the effects of sun damage as the grape seed extract has an affinity for the collagen and elastin in connective tissue and helps to maintain their normal biochemical structures. The inflammatory response to solar radiation is also reduced by grape seed extract.

So How Can Nasobih Products Help Me?

Nasobih Nutra-Caps contain grape seed extract, resveratrol, Vitamin C, and Citrus Bioflavanoids all of which are antioxidants that will improve your health and make you younger looking. One to two capsules per day will have the  same medicinal value of 1,000 bottles of red wine.....per day. I am not advocating that you drink 1,000 bottles of red wine per day,  but you get the picture......I hope!

Nasobih Nutra-Cream contains a high concentration of a very special grape seed extract trade marked as Protovin. Many other antioxidants and essential oils are added to make the most all natural creamy smooth anti-aging/antioxidant face cream you ever tried.....guaranteed.

So the next time you sip on your red wine or take your Nasobih Nutra-Caps and Nutra-Cream, think about how you are staying healthy and younger looking.

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